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I hope you are well today and enjoying the warmer weather that has come our way.🌞

As a women well over 50 and firmly in my mid 50s I have gone from have very little problems with maintaining my weight to a woman who feels like they are fire fighting every day to stop my backside and mid riff expanding. It's driving me crazy! I don't want to be thin but I would like to feel like I have at least some control over my body. Right now I am feeling like an involuntary shape shifter!
Sadly the menopause does have some affect on our weight although it is not the only variable. As our body drops oestrogen levels our waistlines will naturally begin to thicken. This is because we don't need that hourglass look anymore to procreate. Our metabolisms do begin to slow down too. This is often because as we age , we ourselves slow down. There are also possible medical reasons such as having an under active thyroid or even food allergies. If you are concerned do get yourself checked out. I think on a personal level my problem is eating too much. I eat an incredibly balanced diet but I can get cravings which make me feel like an heroin addict! Presently I am back dealing with my food issues and have discovered six excellent tips to help kill my cravings. I hope you don't mind me sharing them with you!

1. Eat little and often
To avoid my blood sugar levels dropping I try not to go too long without eating something. I'm not talking massive meals or unhealthy snacks. My" go to" will be some fresh fruit salad, a small fistful of seeds or a few nuts. These are fab foods for killing cravings and are incredibly good for maintaining good health, particularly in women over 45. It may sound counter intuitive to have a mini snack but if you leave hunger too long you also lose your resolve to not over eat and will often end up eating far more than you need to, and indeed, would have done had you  had a snackette!

2. Be aware of your food triggers
I know that if I am feeling low or bored I eat more. I am now able to recognise this as a trigger and can act to avoid mindless munching. I literally ask myself "do you really need this Janie?" The answer is of course "no". It doesn't cheer me up to eat for so called comfort, in fact, it makes me feel guilty and therefore worse. As soon as I recognised this I was able to deal with it. The other trigger can be habit. We have been socialised into believing that we eat at certain times. It fits into the work pattern of our society. and economy. It is however not a natural way to eat. If you aren't hungry, wait until you are.
Another terrible trigger for me is the sight of a yummy plate of vegan food or the smell of curry, for example.
Automatically my stomach rumbles and my mouth waters. This is not true hunger . It is hedonic hunger. Your brain is trying to con you into eating. That's how ads work!

3. Choose complex carbs
If you choose complex carbs, that is, carbs in their natural state, you will not only be eating tastier food but it is also much more filling than white stuff that is empty of nutrition. Lovely foods like rice, potatoes, millet, wheat, oats, barley and rye are fantastic at keeping our blood sugars balanced. They also burn nice and slowly keeping us sated for so much longer. Refined starches are rather like an over keen young man in the bedroom....burnt out in seconds!

4. Find a way to distract yourself
I've noticed that when I am busy I don't have time to be hungry. When I have time to think about food I want it! The trick here is to find something to distract you from walking to the fridge or pantry. Make a phone call, look something of interest up on the internet, pick up your hobby or meet up with a naughty friend for some laughter. You will be surprised how a craving can pass employing this idea.

5. Exercise
Okay, I know I beat this drum often but it's one we can't escape from! Our bodies are meant to move. When we exercise we can ward off cravings as we get our high from all the feel good hormones and chemicals we release! Go for a nice brisk walk or play a game out in the garden. One of my favourites is to get Alexa to play me salsa... I can't keep still and soon I am wiggling my backside and smiling without a thought for food!

6. Never deny yourself
Don't promise yourself that you will never eat crisps again, its the absolute road to failure. Anything that relies heavily on  willpower rarely works! Get your basic nutrition right. For us older gals choose mainly from the following food groups ; vegetables, fruit, seeds, whole grains and nuts. If you are out with friends and they have a muffin and you want one, have one. Just don't make these treats a major part of your daily diet. If you have got everything else right you will be able to enjoy these treats but not crave them. Checkout these awesome salted caramel bars from Gaz Oakley. No I am not paid to tell you how awesome his  recipes are, I want to share the love.

Okay, so that is what works for me and I hope it can work for you too. What tips do you have to kill your cravings?
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Have a wonderful week darlings,
Janie S xxx
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