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How are you? Thanks for visiting today. I hope you will be inspired to go out and achieve your dreams after reading todays blog where I tell you about my day as a model!

Last year in Corfu I was scrambling over rocks, up a mountain in high temperatures! As I was getting an adrenalin buzz I thought "flipping heck I’m 55 and can do an awful lot more than many people half my age”. That random thought lead to a thread on the SAVVY 'N' SASSY PRIVATE GROUP with a the line “you're never too old to…”. You are a pretty adventurous bunch!
Now, I have been known to lay in bed at night desperately trying to fall asleep when my brain goes into overdrive! It can bring dark thoughts like working out how much longer I might have to live!!!!! Then I get morose about "wasted time"! By this time I am feeling pretty sorry for myself and having regrets! BUT……… a few years ago I worked out that I could either spend my life feeling sad and waiting to shuffle off this mortal coul…