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Helloooooooo! Fingers crossed all is well for you and yours today.💋 Today we are celebrating the things we do brilliantly once we get over 50. Whether we are 50 or 101 we must always remember that we are brilliant and that we must always refuse to be invisible! Grab a cuppa or large gin and let's go..... 50 things that women over 50 do brilliantly!
1.We feel freer than ever,
2.We've stopped sweating the small crap,
3.We are much better in bed than younger women cos we know what we are doing!,
4.You can be yourself. We want pink hair? We get it done,
5.We feel sorry for 20 somethings who think they will look perfect all their lives and pity us!,
6.We explore things we've always wanted to do,
7.We challengeourselves to try something new,
8.We begin to find ourselves and our style,
9.We say stuff plastic surgery it's for younger women,
10.We say yes to Botox and filler if we want it and don’t care what anyone else thinks about our decision,
11.We are powerful. Look at us on Savvy …