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Hey there everyone!

How are you today? Hope everything is great in your life and that you are embracing the over 50 life!

Today's blog is about sex and the menopause. For some reason society speaks in hushed tones about women and sex after 50 as if we are written off. Conversely guys are still portrayed as studs! I have decided to address this right now! Women over 50 are sexy and sexual!

I know from research and girlfriend conversations that menopausal and post menopausal women have worries and questions about their sex lives so I have written this to help you out. Hopefully you will discover some great news and learn that you are "normal"!

As we approach the menopause, hit it and sail past it, our oestrogen levels have dropped quite significantly to when were in our 20s and 30s. The dropping of this hormone can have some side effects as we are probably quite well aware. These can include myriad symptoms like hot flushes, irritability etc. It also has an effect on our sexua…