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Anti Age Your Makeup! My Top 13 Tips To Look More youthful!

Hey there! 
How are you all today? Hopefully really well and are making the most of the over 50 life! Never forget our mantra - refuse to be invisible!
Today's blog is about avoiding makeup mistakes that can you make look old and old fashioned!

avoiding anti-anti-ageing makeup mistakes!

No doubt you have read in numerous magazines that you need to keep makeup updated to stay looking fresh and youthful. Sadly, too many women are still rocking, (or not), the look they wore when they were eighteen. It just doesn’t work! If you don't believe me, dig out a photo of you when you were 18. (Post it in the comments section if you want to share!). Now be honest do you want to replicate that look right now?
To avoid making ourselves look older we need to take heed of a few make-up artist tips………...

1.Do not overpluck your eyebrows. Thin brows make us look hard which in turn is ageing. A lovely full shaped brow is the answer for a youthful look. I find the best way to achieve this is with an an…
Hey there!

Not a proper blog per se but  I had to tell you about this limited offer from ELF. All vegan, absolutely no ground beetles for colour or anything. I have lots of ELF lippies and they are superb xxxx

£50 in  UK, $35 in USA

Janie S xxx


Hey there!

Exciting news for one person today! I am announcing the winner of the Neckline Slimmer competition! 
If you don't know all about the Neckline Slimmer check out the tutorial here! I promise you it's informative and fun! I am enjoying using mine, its straight forward and can be done whilst catching up on Easties!!!!!!

Over 700 of you took part in the competition. Thank you every single on of you for your support. Unfortunately only one of you can win, sob, sob.  The winner is .......................think of the long lag you get waiting to see who is staying in Strictly.........................................

GWYN EVELIEGH WINSTONE! Please email Savvy 'n' Sassy to arrange delivery of your Neckline Slimmer!
Namaste Janie S xxx Founder