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5 reasons you must cleanse your face!
and the reasons are shocking!
Oh, I know, it feels like such a grind having to find five minutes out of our hectic schedule every evening and just a couple of minutes first thing in the morning to clean our faces. Guess what? If you can just squeeze in under 8 minutes a day into your diary you will not regret it!

If you want to see the Vlog on this grab yourself a cuppa andclick right here!
I know it is easy to think that letting the shower water run over your face is a good job done but hey that’s just lazy and is not good enough. In the evening, double cleanse and in the morning, a single cleanse will give you a great start to the day!
Top 5 reasons to cleanse day and night…. regularly!
1.Your skin will stay looking younger for a helluva lot longer!
Just like we need oxygen to live, our skin needs oxygen to rejuvenate and do its important repair work whilst we sleep. Our skin knows the difference between day and night and gets to work whilst we drift…

The Pay Gap Myths - Clever Answers For Those Who Doubt It Exists!

Mind the Gap!  Savvy answers for Sassy women to bust the pay gap justification myths!

So, there has been a real hullabaloo about the BBC and their curious way of paying women far less than men. As soon as we women get lippy about it you can guarantee that there are people who love peddling myths as to why it is okay to pay women differently! Some even like to throw in inexcusable racism whilst they are at it! Sunday Times Sack Journalist Over Racist/Sexist Pay Gap Article. How much longer do you think the Editor will last?!

To help you get through any argument you may encounter over coffee or a bottle of something fresh and fruity, I have compiled a list of commonly peddled myths/pathetic arguments and some great answers for you! I have kept it clean although to be honest it would be easier to just laugh at them and call them a co**womble! But, as we are intelligent women we won’t stoop to such levels! Before you get reading let me just say I don't hate men at all, it's the syst…