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ASMR - does it make your spine tingle?! Is it fetishist?

Fancy some tingles?!
Welcome back to the Savvy 'n' Sassy blog. I hope today finds you well and excited for the weekend. According to the weather forecast we are in for snow here in London, so I shall dig out the thick socks again just in case!

Todays' blog is all about ASMR. Have you heard of it?(no pun intended!). Have you ever wondered what it is? More importantly will it send tingles down your spine?!

I cam across ASMR just last week when I was watching the awesome Stef Sanjati doing a parody video which was hilarious. It was, lets be fair, parodying ASMR videos that can be found on You Tube. It got me interested!
What exactly is ASMR?
The acronym stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. This means in layman's terms that it is all about a tingling response that begins in the scalp, works its way down the back of your neck and into the upper part of your spine. Those who experience it claim it is like a low level euphoria and it helps them relax or sl…