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Hey there!
Are you feeling Christmassy yet?! You will after today's Savvy Blogmas blog! (Is that such a thing?). Well anyway, read on!

Today I have something special to give you true Christmas cheer and will be perfect for a party or you know, for yourself!!!! 

Today is a recipe...but not any old's for CHRISTMAS PUNCH! You read that right. Get yourself down to the supermarket when they have special prices on spirits and stock up for all your Christmas punches and cocktails!
Its healthy as well as it is plant based!!!!! Mwhahaha!
First grab yourself one of the following. I'm guessing your choice of vessel depends upon how posh you are!!!! (joking)

Now grab yourself some ingredients!You are going to make enough for 8 thirsty people!
450 mls whiskey (if your guests are drunk use cheap stuff , they will never know!) 300 mls Benedictine, 600 mls Cranberry juice, 150 mls Clementine juice, (it goes soooo well with the cranberry) 2 satsumas thinly sliced, 2 vanilla pods (use the …


IT'S BLOGMAS! Oh my am I excited! I have so much up my sleeve for you from now until Christmas Eve I can barely bend my arm!!! Day 1!
Us Savvy ‘n’ Sassy Women don’t like being invisible, so why label your gifts with uninspiring tags that will blend in with everyone else’s under your friends and families Christmas trees????? The solution? MAKE YOUR OWN!

I have a great video for you today……..I'm not expecting you to make exactly what I have but I do hope it inspires you to have a go at being crafty this Christmas! I looove making things and peeps love receiving a handmade gift or touch. Guarantee your tags will become treasures! SAVVY BLOGMAS DAY 1 2017 today!

Enjoy your special time being crafty this Christmas!
Janie S xxx

Savvy n Sassy Blogmas! Coming Soon!

In case you hadn't realised it's nearly December!
For my sins I have decided to blog a little Christmas something every day until the big man arrives! Phew! 
Expect cocktail recipes, craft tutorials, things to do ideas and so much more! I'm having great fun putting it all together so I hope you are going to love it! 

The fun all starts on December 1st. I will simply post a link that you can open and reveal that days blogmas surprise! YAY!

I'm feeling super excited now and can't wait to launch the Savvy 'n' Sassy blogmas!!!!! Make sure you join me every day as we countdown to Christmas!!!!!!!
Namaste my darlings, Janie S xxx Founder

FINDING A JOB WHEN YOU ARE OVER 50 - you're hired!



How are you Savvy 'n' Sassy lot today? lot? Are you filling your life with gratitude. If not check out this blog article!
Today's blog is about looking for a job once you are over 50. Packed with lots of hints and tips, I hope it will give you the confidence to go out and bag yourself that dream role!

Finding work today can be challenging given the economic climate.Challenging does not however mean impossible. Today, people over 50 are not just looking for a job to pay the bills, they are often looking for a complete career change, and why not? Think about it, you are worth employing - no maternity leave required. You can give the right company a lot of continuous years.I have been interviewing applicants for years and am using my experience to help you today!

In 2014 more than 34,000 people over 50 entered into apprenticeships. Apprenticeships cover all areas of business and commerce. Perhaps you want to …