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Hey there!
Are you feeling Christmassy yet?! You will after today's Savvy Blogmas blog! (Is that such a thing?). Well anyway, read on!

Today I have something special to give you true Christmas cheer and will be perfect for a party or you know, for yourself!!!! 

Today is a recipe...but not any old's for CHRISTMAS PUNCH! You read that right. Get yourself down to the supermarket when they have special prices on spirits and stock up for all your Christmas punches and cocktails!
Its healthy as well as it is plant based!!!!! Mwhahaha!
First grab yourself one of the following. I'm guessing your choice of vessel depends upon how posh you are!!!! (joking)

Now grab yourself some ingredients!

You are going to make enough for 8 thirsty people!

450 mls whiskey (if your guests are drunk use cheap stuff , they will never know!)
300 mls Benedictine,
600 mls Cranberry juice,
150 mls Clementine juice, (it goes soooo well with the cranberry)
2 satsumas thinly sliced,
2 vanilla pods (use the seeds).

Have an immense amount of fun laughing whilst you glug everything in to your chosen vessel! Add ice and leave for 5 minutes before serving.

Don't make this any earlier than 2 hours before you serve. This is because of the sour ingredients and it will all go rather rank!

I love how The Barefoot Baker serves up a Christmassy Cocktail! 

If you are feeling in a "showy offy" mood, why not dress each glass with three sour cherries?
Enjoy making this . I think it will be great for parties or after late night shopping. 

Savvy Blogmas!
Janie S xxx


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