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Why women bully other women and why it must stop. Author: Janie Smith Copyright: Janie Smith If you wish to use any part of this article please contact me first. Thank you. Girls bully other women, women empower women”
As women living in a still largely patriarchal society we have big enough battles to win already. So why then are women not standing united? Why do many still bully members of their own gender? Statistics show that 68% of all bullying cases are female against female. The message this sends to young girls is dangerous. They see their adult role models behaviour and often repeat it. Adult bullies have much to answer for.

Women bullying women is not a new phenomenon but it has certainly become more visible with the incredible growth of social media and more females in the workplace. There are entire communities who seem to derive great pleasure from doing nothing but pull other women down. The more successful, and success comes in many forms, that woman is, the harsher it becom…

Savvy 'n' Sassy is LAUNCHED!

Hey! Today is a great day here!
After a long time studying to be a make-up artist, completing a loooong course learning all about skincare and teaching myself to film, edit and blog, MY WEBSITE IS LIVE! And yes, I built and designed the website myself!!!! I have come along away over the last year and if I say so myself I feel a little bit proud. So, what can you expect from Savvy 'n' Sassy ?
·Blog/Vlog 3 times a week keeping you up to date with all things “Over 45”,
·Your questions answered about life as a woman who is over 45,
·A thoroughly researched and fun women’s interest community covering beauty, lifestyle, relationships and more!
·Blog and Vlog with full tutorials, chats etc.…...I buy the products and try out services myself so that I can give true unbiased reviews, and you never waste your hard-earned cash again!
·Lots of good health stuff!
·Fashion for over 45's who refuse to be invisible!
·A consistently evolving community to support women over 45.
Over the coming mo…