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Well hello there!

OMG how stunning is the weather right now? I have to confess to being an absolute lover of the heat and am even planning a hot destination for the Christmas break because I really don't like being cold!
I hope you are all coping and managing to sleep through the hot nights.

Whether we like it or not we are what fashionistas might refer to as "older women".  Unfortunately, many older women get stuck in style ruts and are still wearing what they wore ten or fifteen years ago, or dare I say it, sometimes form the 80s! Now this is fine of you are happy doing that but in truth what we used to wear doesn't really work as we go through the decades!. For example, our skin tone changes subtly as does our hair colour. Colours that used to work for us almost certainly don't know. A case in point being that I could wear quite acidic colours in my 40s, now they make look like the undertaker has been making me up! 

Our choice of clothes reflect who we are. They m…