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Top 5 Contouring Tips for Mature Women

Contouring tutorials are all over the internet like a rash however they are aimed at beautiful young things with alabaster skin or  for celebrity photoshoots. They aren't much use to us over 45s!

In my YOU TUBE tutorial I show you how to contour for different face shapes using cream contour as it is kinder to mature skin. Today there is a link to copyright free face charts that you can practise with and charts to help you identify your face shape so you know where to place your contour.

1. Why Contour?
You don't have to. It isn't the law however when done well it enhances your best features and tones down those you are not so keen on. For example, you can give your self cheekbones and hide a slackening jawline.

2. Identify your face shape.

Face Shape Characteristics Goal Round Same width and height without clear lines or features Add more definition Oblong face Usually twice as long as wide Shorten face Square Same width at temples as at jaw Soften…

The Menopause Mystery - What do all the medical words mean?!

The Menopause Mystery - what do all those technical sounding words mean?

Today DI Janie Smith has dug out her magnifying glass for you to decipher the words used to describe various stages of a woman's reproductive life. We often get them muddled up or think we are too young to be going through hormonal changes or we end up frightened because we don't know what is going on!

Join me HERE for a chat as we decipher the words and work out that it is all natural and that we are doing just fine!

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Have an awesome day
Janie S


silisponge or silly sponge? plus give away!
is this the answer to applying foundation on mature skin?
The Silisponge has been around for a few months now but as I am happy with applying my foundation with a sponge I hadn’t got around to trying one. Today I decided I had better give the Silisponge a whirl. I also have purchased an extra one to give away. Details are on my first impressions video here.
What is a Silisponge?
To be frank, it is a piece of silicone that has been shaped to use as a makeup applicator. Personally, it looks to me like a chicken fillet for the bra of an eleven-year-old!

What is so good about them?
Well I guess the most obvious thing is that they are not absorbent. This makes them very easy to clean, it’s as simple as running it under a hot tap and a spritz of anti bacterial spray. Secondly the lack of absorbency means that you will use less of your expensive foundation.

Is it a silly sponge?
Tune in HERE to see the full tutorial and find out!
Have you tried the Silispo…


easy peasy scrub to help eliminate cellulite! I hate cellulite, it is a bum deal! I know nearly everyone has it, and I have seen KK’s bum in an unedited photo so I know even slebs have it, but I still would rather it didn’t exist! I am pleased to see these photos out in public, and that she hasn’t had them removed from social media. I am no KK fan but she deserves a thumbs up! Of course, over 90% of women have it, largely on their thighs and bum and upper legs. Even the gorgeous JLo has cellulite and she is a sex symbol. That must make us sex symbols too!

There are gazillions of potions on the market that simply put, do not work. Now, there is some encouraging research around, particularly by Mibelle. They have discovered in trials that to combat cellulite we need to get brown fat cells to burn the fat in white fat cells, (thermogenesis). It seems that there is a positive correlation between mustard seed, capsaicin and the cycle we want to happen! I…

So Many Brands So Few Owners

Your Beauty Brand favourites....who owns them?

why it matters......
What do Rimmel, Marc Jacobs Miss Sporty or Bourjois have in common? Or what about Nivea and La Prairie? Yep, you guessed it they are owned by huge umbrella companies. Okay, it is not a secret that very few companies own many beauty brands. There’s a big fat chance that you already know this. Brands move to different companies fairly frequently and there have been some really recent acquisitions. But why you might be asking, does it matter? Well, it might well be working to your advantage! Many umbrella companies have brands covering a range of prices and demographic appeal. But despite there being lots of range they all share the same technology and innovations when it comes to their formulations. If you are a  beauty junky it is a win - win situation!

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Janie x 

Mid-life crisis? crisis, transformation or damned good fun?

Mid-life crisis - how to recognise if you are there!
crisis, transformation or damned good fun?
Picture this…. It’s a sunny balmy day, the hubster and I have decided to go out for a pub lunch in leafy Surrey. Should we go in his car or mine? Decision made we jump in his car, roll back the roof and with huge grins on our faces rev the engine loudly and roar out of our road feeling like teenagers!

Was our behavior a manifestation of a mid-life crisis? Well predictably we don’t think so………. we just think we are hurtling down the road in a sporty car because we have reached an age when we can finally afford to have a car “just for fun”. We decided that a mid-life crisis is nothing more than envy from the “young people!”.
The phrase mid-life crisis, (MLC), got me thinking. A term normally referring to men it seems that women are being recognized as going through this funny stage of life too. Certainly according my younger child! Maybe they are right. I do have a penchant for Converse, high hee…