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Helloooooooo and Savvy Blogmas
Today is a lovely tale of the legend of the poinsettia at Christmas!

Yesterday I spent a lovely hour or so wandering around a gorgeous garden centre in Surrey looking at all the Christmas decorations, trees and Christmas plants. The one thing that stood out was the dozens and dozens of bright red poinsettia in pretty pots complete with red ribbon garland for sale.
I sometimes get one in at Christmas but have never really known why we see Poinsettia as a Christmas plant!
I put my detective hat on and solved the question! At the same time I have found out how to look after them in case you too are the kiss of death to plants in the home!

The Poinsettia (poyn - set -ee - ah), is a native Mexican plant. It is a species of the romantically named "spurge" family! Almost two hundred years ago it was introduced to the USA by the then US Minister to Mexico who happened to be called Joel Poinsett! See where this is going?

The plant however became associated w…


Helloooooooo! Savvy Blogmas!
Day 5 So, we are starting or certainly planning to indulge ourselves and  are probably already overeating and over drinking! Today is all about sparing a thought  for those far less fortunate than ourselves. Outside of our comfortable bubble is another world, a bleak world where people are frightened, hungry and lonely.Why not make today the day you do something for  them.......

You could; * pop to your local food bank, homeless or women's shelter and drop in something nice for them to enjoy this Christmas? If you are taking food make sure its non perishable and in date. * make comfort packs up which include wet wipes, new underwear, comb, dry shampoo, lip balm, sanitary protection...... Whatever you can manage will be gratefully received. * If you are having a clear out before Christmas you could take coats etc. to a local shelter.  * reserve a place for a homeless single person at Crisis.
I have several links for you today to make the job easier! Womens Aid -…


Helloooooooo and Merry Blogmas!

Day 4

How's December treating you so far? Very good I hope! At Savvy 'n' Sassy Towers December has brought insomnia! I seem to have reached today in a zombified state! Please someone reassure me that sleep returns at some point through this post 50 journey. Anyway. enough of me let's get on with Day 4 of a Savvy Blogmas..........

So you are probably thinking about what you are going to cook for Christmas dinner by now. You might have the same meal every year, and why not, or thinking about something different to ring the changes. Only trouble is you’ve got a vegan guest turning up and you haven’t got a clue where to start. You want to serve them delicious food and not some tasteless mushy after thought. How about trying the wonderful roasts below? I know you might think it’s a bit cliché but trust me us vegans love them, they are tasty and substantial and the left overs are great cold!  Don’t forget your guest wont want their potatoes/ parsn…