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Derma Rolling- quick and simple tutorial!

Hey there all you Savvy 'n' Sassy peeps!

Derma rolling is said to be the best collagen boosting treatment you can do for yourself at home!

I have created a quick and simple video tutorial for you today so you can find out more about it and decide if it is for you! I have to say that I find the needles rolling over my skin quite therapeutic! Am I weird?!
I hope you love the vid and if you do please can you hit like and subscribe!
I am going to be your Guinea Pig and see if it works on my upper lip lines! I will report back once a month with photos and feedback!

First photo will be on the blog tomorrow along with how it looks after rolling!!!!!
I really hope that this is going to work!

Visit the website and subscribe to be the first to find out about the upcoming competition where you can win a derma roller of your own!

Look after yourselves and refuse to be invisible!
Janie S xxx