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I hope you are well today and enjoying the warmer weather that has come our way.🌞

As a women well over 50 and firmly in my mid 50s I have gone from have very little problems with maintaining my weight to a woman who feels like they are fire fighting every day to stop my backside and mid riff expanding. It's driving me crazy! I don't want to be thin but I would like to feel like I have at least some control over my body. Right now I am feeling like an involuntary shape shifter!
Sadly the menopause does have some affect on our weight although it is not the only variable. As our body drops oestrogen levels our waistlines will naturally begin to thicken. This is because we don't need that hourglass look anymore to procreate. Our metabolisms do begin to slow down too. This is often because as we age , we ourselves slow down. There are also possible medical reasons such as having an under active thyroid or even food allergies. If you are concerned do get yourself checked ou…