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Welcome to the Savvy 'n' Sassy blog today! I hope you are happy and well.
We are now firmly into January and there's a chance that your skin, if it is anything like mine, is playing up. I've noticed some spots on my chin and forehead. So that I could find out the root cause of this and deal with it I turned to face mapping. This is a way of analysing skin and has been developed by Dermalogica. I trust the Dermalogica brand and whilst it isn't typically high street priced, it is very effective. This is my own personal view and I am not being paid to mention or review them! 
Today the blog looks at face mapping and how it can help you find out what is going on on in your body.
What is face mapping?
The face is divided into zones that are linked to the internal workings of your body. Have you ever notice that you get a spot in one random part of your face but nowhere else, or you have a puffy eye and cant work out why?  I always thought when I stopped being a…