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Welcome to the Savvy 'n' Sassy blog today! I hope you are happy and well.
We are now firmly into January and there's a chance that your skin, if it is anything like mine, is playing up. I've noticed some spots on my chin and forehead. So that I could find out the root cause of this and deal with it I turned to face mapping. This is a way of analysing skin and has been developed by Dermalogica. I trust the Dermalogica brand and whilst it isn't typically high street priced, it is very effective. This is my own personal view and I am not being paid to mention or review them! 
Today the blog looks at face mapping and how it can help you find out what is going on on in your body.
What is face mapping?
The face is divided into zones that are linked to the internal workings of your body. Have you ever notice that you get a spot in one random part of your face but nowhere else, or you have a puffy eye and cant work out why?  I always thought when I stopped being a teenager I wouldn't get spots any didnt happen! Keep reading to find out why......

Your face is divided into 14 zones but what does that mean really?
Zones 1 and 3. Got a spotty forehead? This is because of a digestive imbalance. You have almost certainly overloaded your body with high amounts of fat. Have a think about what you have been eating. You can cleanse your system by drinking plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day are recommened. You can also try green tea which is full of anti oxidants. This along with eating less fatty foods should clear your forehead up. This makes sense to me because I have over indulged in crisps over Christmas! (oops!)
Zone 2
A spotty zone 2 relates to liver function. Food intolerances can be a cause. If you think this is the case do make an appointment to chat with your GP. It is also said that dairy and alcohol can cause spots and irritation in this area. It can also signify the beginning of rosacea or high bloodpressure.
Zones 4,6,8,10
Do you suffer with spots close to your ears? I know I do occasionally. Ths is linked to your liver and dehydration. Often you will have dark under eyes when you are dehydrated too. Up your water game and avoid eating too much salty food. If you can avoid coffee and tea that will also help . Sometimes you may feel as though you have hot ears. This can also be due to liver stress caused by dehydration.
Zone 7
This zone often has a plethora of open pores. For this reason you need to make sure that you really clean your cosmetic brushes thoroughly and regularly. As this zone is related to the heart you can reduce the skin issues in this area by reducing your stress levels. When I was a Head Teacher I frequently had spots here! If you are concerned about heart issues please speak with your GP.
Zones 5 and 9
Do you get acne along the tops of your cheeks? Are you a smoker? If you do smoke you are much more likely to get acne in these zones as they are related to the repiratory system. Get outside and get some fresh air and exercise. It can really help improve your complexion.
Zones 11 and 13
Linked to hormones and hormonal imbalance particularly during your period or through the menopause. Often seen as those blind lumpy spots that hurt like hell! A clean balanced diet combined with exercise can help you with these pesky blighters! A poor diet can also cause breakouts here.
Zone 12
Oh the dreaded chin zits! These are linked to the stomach and usually flares up when you have been eating rich and heavy foods. You probably need more fibre to get things moving! You might consider a detox although some medical professionals doubt the benefit of detoxing. Get some exercise to aid the fibre!!
Zone 14
If you get break outs in this zone you are probably unwell and fighting off bacteria that is making you poorly. Look after yourself and relax with plenty of water to drink.

I find face mapping really useful. Reflecting on my findings it rings very true! So, I'm off to get another glass of water and to relax for a few minutes with a glycolic face mask! Fingers crossed, by bedtime tonight I will be a bodacious glowing beauty!!!!!!

To find out why it is essential to cleanse your face read all about it here!

Please do share this article amongst friends and on your social media. I am determined to make 2018 the year of the over 50 woman! Thank you xxxx

Have an amazing day,
Janie S xxx


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