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Older Women Are Dying To Be Thin - A Must Read Article on Midlife Eating Disorders

Are YOU dying to be thin?
I hope life is treating you well and that you are happy and healthy.
Today's blog article is about the ever increasing problem of adult eating disorders. It is highly likely that you or someone you love may experience this, so please read on!

If I say anorexia, bulimia or binge eating do you automatically envisage adolescent, white, middle class girls pushing a single leaf of rocket around a plate? The answer is probably yes as this is the group we traditionally think of as suffering the living hell of an eating disorder. As an educator, I came to realise that young men can also experience this phenomenon too. I once had a class of law students where three girls and one boy were competing to see who could eat the least. They were literally fading away in front of me. Of course, I sought help for them, before you ask! But be aware that eating disorders are not the preserve of young people.

Frighteningly, in the last eleven years there has been a r…