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top 10 tips to beat hot flushes
say goodbye to hot flushes in super easy steps + free tracker sheets!
What is a hot flush/flash?
These can happen for several reasons but this article is about hot flushes in women of peri/menopausal age. During this period of a woman’s life estrogen levels drop. This causes havoc with our body temperature controls. They get all over excited and try to regulate our body temp’. Unfortunately, this results on what we know as hot flushes and night sweats.
Up to 75% of women will experience them. Some experience a raging furnace whilst others will have much milder barely noticeable increases in body temperature.
They are characterized as a sudden heat rising through the body for no apparent reason. Women describe feeling that their clothes feel heavy and uncomfortable, they feel faint and experience palpitations and for those who experience them at night, that their nightwear is soaking wet.
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