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top 10 tips to beat hot flushes

say goodbye to hot flushes in super easy steps + free tracker sheets!

What is a hot flush/flash?

These can happen for several reasons but this article is about hot flushes in women of peri/menopausal age. During this period of a woman’s life estrogen levels drop. This causes havoc with our body temperature controls. They get all over excited and try to regulate our body temp’. Unfortunately, this results on what we know as hot flushes and night sweats.

Up to 75% of women will experience them. Some experience a raging furnace whilst others will have much milder barely noticeable increases in body temperature.

They are characterized as a sudden heat rising through the body for no apparent reason. Women describe feeling that their clothes feel heavy and uncomfortable, they feel faint and experience palpitations and for those who experience them at night, that their nightwear is soaking wet.
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It is known that these hot moments can be triggered by environmental factors. This is where we may be able to help ourselves and ease the frequency/intensity of these horrid hot flushes.

Top 10 Tips to Beat Hot Flushes

1.      Watch your alcohol intake.

Alcohol can warm our faces and neck and thus trigger and exacerbate hot flushes. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever drink alcohol again but do think about moderation.

2.      Stub out the cigs

In many people cigarette smoking can be a cause of hot flushes. If you are thinking about giving up, now might well be the right time. Imagine significantly reducing hot flushes if you stopped smoking? It isn’t easy. I know, I gave up 21 years ago. Look for a support group or try gum or patches.

3.       Scrap the Spice and Caffeine

Sadly, for me and gazillions of other women around the world, spicy foods and caffeine are real triggers. Avoiding hot curries and chilies, which I love, has made a real difference to the frequency and intensity of my flushes. At first I thought it was such a “boring” idea. But you know what it is so worth it! Lowering my caffeine intake wasn’t so easy at first. I limit myself to a large black coffee in the morning and seem to be fine with that. Remember sodas also often include high levels of caffeine as does paracetamol.

4.      Shake your booty and tone up

It is not inevitable that we get fatter through menopause. More to the point, we tend to slow down but not adjust our food intake accordingly! If we are honest we know it is true! So…. Move your body, if you can, get in some weight bearing exercise and start looking at what you stuff in your chops! It is not about the volume of food we eat but the value of it. So, enjoy lots of lovely veg and fruit along with whole-wheat pasta and rice. It must be worth it as obese women experience more frequent intense flushes.

5.       Dress to impress your cool side!

In other words, avoid chunky knits and manmade fibres and go for lighter clothes. I have revamped my wardrobe lately. No, I don’t wear lots of layers because for me that shrieks of “woman having hot flushes “and I just can’t bear the thought that I am advertising it to the world! I do however choose lighter knits and finishes and this does help me feel more comfortable. Ona personal level I never get cold any more so I don’t miss huge thick clothes! My husband on the other hand is piling them on as I switch all the heating off and open windows!

6.      Breathe Deeply

No idea why this works other that it is very calming! Every morning and evening take around ten deep slow controlled breaths in and out. It does seem to help and of course as I say leaves me feeling quite levelled!

7.       Keep your boudoir cool

Get yourself a chill pillow to keep your face and head from overheating. Have a fan to hand and use a light duvet. If you get cold, you could try some hot boudoir action……or not!

8.      Mind over Matter

In cultures where hot flushes are totally normal and a rite of passage, women report them as barely noticeable. Studies have shown that where women learn to ignore their hot personal climate, they describe them as lessening substantially.

              9.      Prescription therapies

There are various prescription medicines out there that may help including HRT, low dose contraceptives and some anti-depressants. This is of course a matter which must be discussed with your GP as they are aware of your health history.

10.   Non-prescription option

Despite searching there is little evidence that I can find that suggest that non-prescriptive meds work for hot flushes. I can however find a lot of anecdotal evidence. Supplements such as sage, vitamin E, black cohosh and pine bark are put forward as being useful. Complementary therapies such as yoga may also be helpful. Again, I cannot recommend any supplement or therapy and would advise you discuss this with your GP particularly if you are taking other medication. 


Keep a tracking sheet to help you discover your triggers and helpers! CLICK HERE and I will send you a pdf to print out as many times as you want! 

What do you use to help you cope with hot flushes? Have you found a holy grail “cure”? Please share as it may be helpful to other women out there wondering where to turn to next!

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Janie xxx


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