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Recently a post went up on the Savvy 'n Sassy Facebook Group titled "The End of the Jade Goody Effect". It's message was, I found, mind boggling. I carried out my own research and made a shocking discovery. 
Ignorance Can Kill! What do you have in common with this vivacious woman? Not a lot, you are probably thinking but actually that isn’t true!
Like her, you have almost certainly been sexually active at some point in your life, have a family and friends that love you and want to live as long a spossible to see the children in your life, be they yours or someone else's, grow and prosper. Am I right?

Like Jade, you may also be one of those women who missed a smear test, assuming that everything was alright. Sadly, she lost her life on Mother’s day 2009.In the years immediaitely following her sad and unnecessary death, the “Jade Effect” saw a sharp increase in the numbers of women accepting their invitations for cervical screening. It was hoped that we were movi…


Hello you Savvy 'n Sassy ladies!

Here's hoping that all is well in your Savvy 'n' Sassy world!
Did you know that knowledge is power? And the power can make situations you are not keen on much easier?Todays blog is all about what to expect at your cervical screening test, with some hints and tips so that the five minutes you are in the nurses room goes swiftly and comfortably!

How will I know to attend?
You will receive a letter in the post from the NHS inviting you. Usually you have to phone your GP Practice and make an appointment to see your nurse/doctor.

How often will i be invited?
Its depends on your age and previous results. Below is the general timeline:
Aged 25 to 49 - every 3 years
Aged 50 - 64 every 5 years
Aged 65 plus - only if you have not been tested since your were 50 or have had previous abnormal results.

Should you have had to have treatment you will be called back more frequently.

What happens at the appointment?
Your nurse or GP , (you have the absolute right to…