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Well hello there!

OMG how stunning is the weather right now? I have to confess to being an absolute lover of the heat and am even planning a hot destination for the Christmas break because I really don't like being cold!
I hope you are all coping and managing to sleep through the hot nights.

Whether we like it or not we are what fashionistas might refer to as "older women".  Unfortunately, many older women get stuck in style ruts and are still wearing what they wore ten or fifteen years ago, or dare I say it, sometimes form the 80s! Now this is fine of you are happy doing that but in truth what we used to wear doesn't really work as we go through the decades!. For example, our skin tone changes subtly as does our hair colour. Colours that used to work for us almost certainly don't know. A case in point being that I could wear quite acidic colours in my 40s, now they make look like the undertaker has been making me up! 

Our choice of clothes reflect who we are. They make statements about us. One simple way of wearing what you want but looking and feeling our best is to think about the colours we choose. I'm not talking about going to a colour professional, I am talking doing this for yourself!

How Do We Go About It?
1. Break out of your normal clothes buying habits! You know the thing, we go to the same store and keep coming out bags full of similar stuff to that we have bought before. Try going to a completely different store and walk in with an open mind.. See the clothes with fresh eyes. What colours are you drawn to? What is on the hangers that you've never tried before? 
At this stage try this in a few different new stores. Don't get the credit card out yet. Right now you are just getting the idea of going elsewhere and thinking about what you like.

2. Why not try something different? Pinks are everywhere this season. If you have blonde or grey hair and your skin is naturally fair you can wear ivories, pale pinks  and variations of lavender and stunning periwinkle shades. Choosing this will really brighten your face.
For dark skins go for autumnal hues. To really freshen up go for beautiful turquoises, poppy reds, darkest royal blues and rich earthy tones. You can wear these colours all year around.
If your are dark haired but fair skinned avoid the autumnals and go for lovely deep navy, reds of the garnet variety and bright bold pinks. 
3. Is it time to update your wardrobe? Is it time to look at getting more up to date cuts and styles? Yes? why not start to empty your wardrobe, send what doesn't work for you any more to the local charity shop and start again?. You don't need to spend a fortune. it's about getting the basics right. Make sure your choose the latest basic shades that designers are working with. Old shades of neutrals will look really old fashioned and make us look older. Your basics want to come from the blacks, whites and neutrals, but, buy a couple of fashion magazines to see the latest shades and flattering cuts. Also remember to choose textures that are soft as they tend to be far more flattering on our "experienced" bodies!

4. Look at your face. what is your best feature? For me I think it's my bright blue eyes. Have you chosen yours yet? It might be your creamy skin or luscious ruby lips. What ever it is, when you try out different colours on yourself hold them up to your chest. Look at your fave feature....does the colour make that area pop and become noticeable? Yes? it's the colour for you. No? quick, hand it back to the shop assistant PDQ and try something different. To put it bluntly, if a colour makes your face look grey and flat avoid it like the plague!

5. Don't go crazy! There's no need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Try perhaps a new top and a couple of accessories. A pair of shoes or a great bag in "your colours" is a good start. it will allow you to see how comfortable you feel with them. Maybe just buy a new bracelet or earrings.
Lulu Guinness

Don't buy harsh colours or really washed out colours. It wont look good!

6. Don't worry about rules. Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't wear a light pink shirt if it works for you. Similarly, this summer there are some gorgeous autumnal colours around and they work through all seasons. All women can wear any colour as long as they get the shade right! So we can all wear red but its a case of whether an orangey or bluey red works for us. 

Try lots of shades. Don't be shy. You will find some real disastrous colours but equally you will also find just the right ones for you that will enable you to make the very best of your features and figure.

Next week I will be writing about choosing the right necklines for our body shape.

I would love to hear how you get on. Try taking some sneaky pics in the changing rooms to share with us all. 

If you want to join a growing, private group of women over 50 who chat, laugh and support each other just click here to join us! We look forward to meeting you!

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Refuse to be invisible!

Wishing yo all a fabulous week in the sunshine.
Janie S xxx


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