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FINDING A JOB WHEN YOU ARE OVER 50 - you're hired!



How are you Savvy 'n' Sassy lot today? lot? Are you filling your life with gratitude. If not check out this blog article!
Today's blog is about looking for a job once you are over 50. Packed with lots of hints and tips, I hope it will give you the confidence to go out and bag yourself that dream role!

Finding work today can be challenging given the economic climate. Challenging does not however mean impossible. Today, people over 50 are not just looking for a job to pay the bills, they are often looking for a complete career change, and why not? Think about it, you are worth employing - no maternity leave required. You can give the right company a lot of continuous years.I have been interviewing applicants for years and am using my experience to help you today!

In 2014 more than 34,000 people over 50 entered into apprenticeships. Apprenticeships cover all areas of business and commerce. Perhaps you want to be an electrician or a legal executive. The range is broad so it's up to you! Maybe you need a job, any job, urgently. If that is you.......
What's stopping you? Get reading all the hints and tips and bag your dream job!

Tips when applying for a job.

Make sure your CV is up to date and relevant. You have a lot of experience but only need to concentrate on the last twelve years of relevant experience. Two pages is more than enough. Long tomes get binned!
* Use your contacts. Get networking! Get in touch with former co-workers, school friends, colleagues. Use linkedIn and Facebook as they can be very helpful in finding a job or  getting you head hunted. These two sites also allow you to widen your networking circle. Eighty percent, (80%), of jobs are not advertised. meaning that networking is a powerful tool. If you don't tell people you are looking for work, how will they know?
* Your age is an advantage. It demonstrates experience, wisdom, dependability, a strong worth ethic, a wide knowledge base, strong organisational and communication skills. Your past is a good indication of your future. Many young applicants won't have this advantage. Use your accomplishments to sell yourself.
* Be prepared. Know all about the company you have applied to and be prepared to ask questions. Practise, practise, practise. Have you got a friend who interviews applicants in their role? Ask them for a practise interview and gain invaluable feedback. Take on board what they say. 
* You are never too good to be interviewed! Okay, you have all the advantages of age but you are not too good to be interviewed. Drop any attitude and forget the "Ive done it all before" approach. If you really want the job give your best interview.
If the interviewer is younger than you there is no need to act with attitude, after all they will be deciding whether you get the job or not!
* Be computer and social media savvy. Some may have the idea that because you are older you wont have kept up to date with technology. Prove you have! The internet is also a great way to look for jobs. Many places now require you upload your CV. 
* Scared of being over qualified? You have options here. You could apply to work for charities who will be so happy to have your experience. You can really make a difference to organisations like this.  If you are applying to the public sector they are legally obliged to ensure equality. That means you have as good a chance of being selected for interview as anyone else. If you are worried about being rejected because you have applied for a job that is of lower seniority and salary than you have had before, explain in your coverin,letter that you find the most important thing for you,is to work for a company that has outstanding opportunities where your skills and experience can make a real impact.
* Write a sh*t hot covering letter that covers all bases and highlight how you match the key skills required. If your application requires an additional statement use that to cover the fact you can tick all their boxes! You still need a great cover letter. use the links below.

Always remember..
* You do NOT have to put your age on your CV.
*Don't use an email that has your year of birth in it. eg. jblogs1960
* It is illegal for an interviewer to ask your age in an interview
*Only show experience for the last twelve years. 
* Make your CV targeted. Have two or three if necessary to relfect the roles you are applying for.
* check your spelling on your CV and cover letter. When I reviewed applications, if there were spelling mistakes, they went to the bottom of the pile.
* Watch your social media profiles. Employers look. Be aware of drunken pictures and profanity.
* Always let the potential employer know about your numbers, i.e demonstrate the impact you have had at work. Example -  My initiative saw a rise in A grades of 50%.
* Apply for temporary jobs . Its easier to get a new post when you are already working. A temp' role could be just what you need to tide you over until you land that permanent job. You may even get taken on permanently if you are impressive and there is a vacancy. It happened to me. I went in as a temp lecturer and became the Head of School within three years!
* Find yourself a non generic recruitment agency. Keep up a great relationship with them. Generic agencies are useful for generic jobs but if you specialise then you must find the right agency to help you find a role.
* Energy and smiles are so important at interviews! Who wants to employ a lacklustre sack of spuds! Your energy introduces you even before you speak!
* Don't hide your light under a bushel. If you don't tell them what you can do how do you expect them to know!

Useful Links
CV builder
CV templates
Interview Skills
Cover Letter Examples
5 ways an agency can help you find work
Choosing the right agency for you

So...what are you waiting for? Get your butt off the chair, get your confident smile on and bag that perfect job - you deserve it!
I hope that today's blog is really useful for you or a friend. If you know someone who needs this advice, please do share the article with them. Please feel free to like a subscribe to Savvy 'n' Sassy.
If you want to join a great group of women aged over 50 for chats, support and friendship in a safe secure private environment click here!

Look after yourself and have a wonderful day.
Janie S xxx


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