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5 reasons you must cleanse your face!

and the reasons are shocking!

Oh, I know, it feels like such a grind having to find five minutes out of our hectic schedule every evening and just a couple of minutes first thing in the morning to clean our faces. Guess what? If you can just squeeze in under 8 minutes a day into your diary you will not regret it!

If you want to see the Vlog on this grab yourself a cuppa and click right here! 

I know it is easy to think that letting the shower water run over your face is a good job done but hey that’s just lazy and is not good enough. In the evening, double cleanse and in the morning, a single cleanse will give you a great start to the day!  

Top 5 reasons to cleanse day and night…. regularly!

1.      Your skin will stay looking younger for a helluva lot longer!

Just like we need oxygen to live, our skin needs oxygen to rejuvenate and do its important repair work whilst we sleep. Our skin knows the difference between day and night and gets to work whilst we drift off to the land of nod. If your skin isn’t clean, quite simply, it won’t be repairing efficiently and we will age faster!

            2.      It prevents your pores from stretching!

When your skin is dirty your pores fill with all that disgusting muck sitting on your face and guess what…… they stretch! For real! Once stretched they don’t just ping back either. Oh, no! By keeping your skin lovely and clean and removing excess dirt and oil your pores will stay smaller just as God gave them to you! BTW it’s important to know that pores can’t disappear…their original size is genetically determined plus we need them to eliminate toxins! 

3.      It prevents your skin from dehydrating

This is particularly pertinent if you experience night sweats. At night, our body temperature rises even if we don’t have night sweats. Through this we lose fluid. If we don’t clean our skin before slathering on our moisturiser it isn’t effective. Simples! Hydrated skin equals plump youthful skin. Dehydrated skin will look lined…not quite what we are trying to achieve here!

4.      Saves you money

In these austere times when we are all looking to save our money it is good to know that cleansing skin regularly is a penny pincher too!
We like to buy products to make us look our very best but they aint going to work on dirty skin! Troweling it on in the hope it might work costs money and won’t be helpful. Effectively, you are throwing your money away. But… skin that is clean needs a lot less product to work, meaning you get results with a lot less lotions and potions and save your hard-earned cash to boot!

5.      Removes that nasty pollution and excess oil and dirt from your face!

Yeuk! When I get home I always tell my husband that I am “taking the day off my face”. It is a wonderful moment when I remove all that pollution and dirt off my heavy feeling skin. I don’t want those free radicals on my face for a second longer than necessary. Leaving them there means your skin is aging much faster and you may increase your risk of skin cancers.

Have I convinced you? Yes? Brilliant!

Have a skintatsic day . Don't forget you can watch the tutorial on you tube!
Got any questions? Why not leave one down in the comments section and I will get back to you asap. 

Janie S xxx
Founder, Blogger, Vlogger, Champion of Women over 50!


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