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Anti Age Your Makeup! My Top 13 Tips To Look More youthful!

Hey there! 
How are you all today? Hopefully really well and are making the most of the over 50 life! Never forget our mantra - refuse to be invisible!
Today's blog is about avoiding makeup mistakes that can you make look old and old fashioned!

avoiding anti-anti-ageing makeup mistakes!

No doubt you have read in numerous magazines that you need to keep makeup updated to stay looking fresh and youthful. Sadly, too many women are still rocking, (or not), the look they wore when they were eighteen. It just doesn’t work! If you don't believe me, dig out a photo of you when you were 18. (Post it in the comments section if you want to share!). Now be honest do you want to replicate that look right now?

To avoid making ourselves look older we need to take heed of a few make-up artist tips………...

1.       Do not overpluck your eyebrows. Thin brows make us look hard which in turn is ageing. A lovely full shaped brow is the answer for a youthful look. I find the best way to achieve this is with an angled brush and eyeshadow. Follow up with a clear mascara to give your brows great definition.

2.     2.  Brows should never start beyond the inside corner of the eye. If they do you will have a mono-brow! It's never a good look on anyone! 

3.     3. The arch of your brow should never begin inside the inner third of your eye. You will look wildly surprised and off balance if they do! Think Angela Rippon. She is a gorgeous woman with legs to die for, but, somewhere along the line the brows went wrong. If you want a laugh you HAVE to watch this hilarious eyebrow stamp tutorial! 

4.       Bold eyes are great. Bold lips are great. But if you want to look younger don’t rock both at the same time! We will just look like aged clowns! It is possible to do both but it takes skill! I am planning to create a vlog on this pretty soon. watch this space! 

5.       Always choose lip products that are longer lasting as they won’t bleed if you have any mouth lines.You can also purchase a wax lip liner that helps.

6.       Strong black liquid eyeliner all around the eye or just under the bottom lash is an absolute no-no! Often seen with tadpole brows! It just makes us look very hard and draws attention to any lines in the eye area. Instead opt for a soft pencil line to suit your eye shape and blend it to soften it. As a wannabe rock star still waiting to be spotted I am often guilty of overdoing the eyeliner! I am slowly learning that the way to wear eyeliner is to gently sweep a pencil along the lids and then blend out with a dark eye shadow. I adore Pamela Anderson but I really think she got it wrong on this occasion.

7.        Dark lippy makes our lips look thin. On top of that as we are ageing our lips are getting thinner anyway so do avoid dark lips! Try outline lips with a colour that works with your undertone, then blend it over the lip and pop clear gloss over. Your lips will look much fuller. Even the ethereal Gwyneth Paltrow can get the dark lippy wrong. 

8.   Too much foundation sits in lines and wrinkles and looks cakey and dry. As we want to emanate youthful skin we need to look moisturised. Conceal lightly where necessary and if you still need foundation apply the lightest layer for younger looking skin. To watch my vlog on flawless concealer for mature women just click here! Over 1500 views on Facebook alone!
      A great tip to get your foundation well blended and looking flawless is to use a good quality primer. My favourite is made by Laura Geller. She has around 10 different primers (spackle). My absolute favourite is her Treatment spackle to achieve an even tone. 

9.       Too much blusher makes us look like Aunt Sally or a sweet and slightly eccentric old lady. Try using a crème blush as powder sits in lines and choose a shade that flatters your skin. Avoid round pops of colour at all costs! Blending is key. Use a damp sponge or a good quality big brush to blend for a flawless healthy look.

10.    Shiny highlighter on your brow bone. Just no! It brings your brow bone forward which gives you a hooded look. If you have lines it will also sit in them. Iridescent shadows are gorgeous but use then to highlight your inner corner or as light touch highlight on your lid. In my humble opinion it is worth buying a nice quality iridescent shadow as it will be very fine and not full of big chunks of glitter like my granddaughter would just love!

11.    Pale lipstick. Nooooooooooooo! Why do women wear the palest pinks or beiges when it looks horrendous? Unless you are supremely lucky and it enhances your look don’t do it. This is because our skin gets lighter with age and pale pinks and beiges just drain us. Choose a lovely glossy lipstick that suits your undertone that is bright to look sassy.

12. Clumpy Mascara. As we age our lashes are less luscious. Because of this I have tried volumising mascara thinking it is the answer. It isn't! As our lashes become shorter we just end up with a clumpy mess. It does not make our lashes look good at all!. Look for a mascara that will lengthen and volumise. It will do you a lot of favours. To help get thicker lashes naturally, swipe your lashes with a little castor oil at night. 

13. Wrinkly eye shadow! Okay, wrinkly eyelids are part of ageing and there's no shame in that. The bummer is of course that it can make our eyeshadow slide. To help get smoother eyelids and make shadow last longer I really recommend an eye primer. You don't need to spend a fortune. I find the Primark  , yes really, eye primer to be excellent. Use this before you apply your shadow. The best shadows for older eyes are powder based. Creams can really hug creases. 

Have you got any other makeup mistakes you would add to the list? If so leave a comment below and share the tips and love!

If you have any queries, please do ask below in the comments section or email me 

Have a great day!

Janie S xxx


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