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It's so cold in London today so I am looking back to a hot day on a Greek island!
Fingers crossed all is well for you and yours today.💋 Today we are celebrating the things we do brilliantly once we get over 50. Whether we are 50 or 101 we must always remember that we are brilliant and that we must always refuse to be invisible! Grab a cuppa or large gin and let's go.....
50 things that women over 50 do brilliantly!

1.       We feel freer than ever,

2.       We've stopped sweating the small crap,

3.       We are much better in bed than younger women cos we know what we are doing!,

4.       You can be yourself. We want pink hair? We get it done,

5.       We feel sorry for 20 somethings who think they will look perfect all their lives and pity us!,

6.       We explore things we've always wanted to do,

7.       We challengeourselves to try something new,

8.       We begin to find ourselves and our style,

9.       We say stuff plastic surgery it's for younger women,

10.   We say yes to Botox and filler if we want it and don’t care what anyone else thinks about our decision,

11.   We are powerful. Look at us on Savvy 'n' Sassy.

12.   There are plenty of resources these days for the #over 50 age group, we are rising like a Phoenix from the ashes,

13.   We make better leaders and managers. We have experience and won't be asking for maternity leave,

14.   We uses condoms to stay safe not to prevent pregnancy,

15.   We are entrepreneurial. So many successful businesses are being started by us,

16.   We are powerfull economoically 80% of FMCGs are purchased by us,

17.   We are strong and are CEOs,

18.   We have learned to say NO!,

19.   We don’t feel the need to have a partner because we rather enjoy our own company,

20.   We are confident enough to go to the cinema or out for a meal alone,

21.   We are definitely wiser and much hindsight to share,

22.   We will take risks,

23.   We are ready to learn new skills. I've just started learning silversmithing!,

24.   We look great in red lipstick. Younger women don't!

25.   We know ourselves sexually and don’t give a monkies about “nice girls shouldn’t”. If we are single we do as we please,

26.   You can ditch the senseible car! Its time for some topless driving!

27.   We stop trying to be perfect….none of us are!

28.   We are self employed and happy and creative,

29.   We are changing careers. Meeting new friends and just loving it,

30.   We can act like teenagers and mess about without feeling silly!

31.   We can date for fun rather than looking for the right partner for our children,

32.   We wear hats when its cold and look great in them unlike a lot of the younger generation!

33.   We don’t need to make excuses to not do something. If we don’t want to, we say no,

34.   We are courageous enough to do something outlandish like a skydive, 

35.   We discover that life is bigger than we think it is. That out of difficult events can come huge positives,

36.   We and all our friends are psychic. We don’t have to explain ourselves to them, they know anyway!

37.   We are great mentors and teachers, 

38.   If we choose to start a new career  we can offer years of dedication,

39.   We can happily travel the globe alone if we want to,

40.   We have worked out which fish are worth frying and what's best to let go of….which is pretty much everything,

41.   We are not the women our grandmothers or even mothers were at fifty plus. We are free to do as we please whether its scuba diving or dance classes,

42.   We can laugh at our foibles. Instead of being embarrassed we see them for what they are – the little quirks that make us individual,

43.   You know what you like and don’t like. No one is going to force you into jeans if you hate them!

44.We are still beautiful. Whats a couple of wrinkles other than wisdom and experience!

45.   We don’t care about dressing too young. We know what looks good on us so we wear what we want,

46.   We know we can rely on ourselves,

47.   If we want long hair we have it, if we want it short we have it. It's our choice not the decision of the hair police,

48.   We have time to invest in our passions whether its women's rights, the environment or decorating cakes. We can indulge ourselves,

49.   We don’t whine when our partners want to watch football or do something different to us. We get on and do our own thing,

50.   We have stopped being apologists for ourselves! Don't like us or our beliefs? Jog on!

 So those are my ideas. What would you add? Or do you disagree with any of them? Are you celebrating life after 50? Would love to hear what you think, it helps to build a picture of what we as "older" women want from life.
Come and join us savvy 'n' sassy women in our private group on Facebook. It's a friendly, safe place to ask questions or share a giggle. Absolutely no trolling or nastiness allowed.That's for kids!

Have a fabulous day, try and make the most of every moment!


Janie S xxx


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