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How are you? Thanks for visiting today. I hope you will be inspired to go out and achieve your dreams after reading todays blog where I tell you about my day as a model!

Last year in Corfu I was scrambling over rocks, up a mountain in high temperatures! As I was getting an adrenalin buzz I thought "flipping heck I’m 55 and can do an awful lot more than many people half my age”. That random thought lead to a thread on the SAVVY 'N' SASSY PRIVATE GROUP with a the line “you're never too old to…”. You are a pretty adventurous bunch!

 Now, I have been known to lay in bed at night desperately trying to fall asleep when my brain goes into overdrive! It can bring dark thoughts like working out how much longer I might have to live!!!!! Then I get morose about "wasted time"! By this time I am feeling pretty sorry for myself and having regrets! BUT……… a few years ago I worked out that I could either spend my life feeling sad and waiting to shuffle off this mortal could or get on and live life to the full.
I've always been a rebel so I decided to use my rebellious nature positively and stick 2 fingers up to convention and my silly thoughts.

If I want to buy myself a Blue Mustang with Shelby stripes I damned well will and if I want to dance in the mosh pit I will.
Amongst many things I've always wanted to do is modelling. Now I have two big problems on this front – I am not photogenic as I have a long face plus I am 55. But you know what? It truly is never too late to achieve a dream!

Around 18 months ago I was at a trade beauty event at Olympia with my old mucker, Sara. We came across a very famous MUA school located at Pinewood Studios. We chatted with the lead tutors about the various courses available which I would love to do one day , ( it’s a matter of raising the 19 grand I need for the fees!). They assured us that we would not be too old to train as MUAs as many stars of TV and screen do not like being tended to by very young artists and will request mature ones. Anyway, I'm wandering off a little here ….. We chatted and the tutors suggested that we put our names down to model for them over at Pinewood. I tried not laugh as it sounded crazy but Sara said we would do it . So we put our names down. It wasn’t crazy and we have had some great times at their studios since, including last week! 

Sara and I met at Pinewood at 10.00 for a 10.30 start. On arrival at the studios we met some of the other mature women who were modelling that day. The brief was "TV Presenter makeup and hair." The only slightly uncomfortable  part of the day is when your face is cleansed and taken back to nakedness! That wouldn’t be quite so bad if it weren’t for the very bright lights the artists have to work under. You soon get used to it though as everyone looks the same! Your MUA asks a few questions which ascertain info' about allergies and your general comfort.

Then they get to work. I love watching how they transform your look. They needed to make us look glam without it being too red carpet. The attention to detail is amazing . They are true artists using your face as their canvas. I always learn so much watching what's going on and am now a big fan of purple based eye shadows as it really enhances my blue eyes. I could see Sara on the side of the studio also being painted and she was looking fabulous….mind you, she always does. That woman has mighty fine skin. At 12.15 time was up for the morning session and it was HD camera time. You sit against a blank background with a TV studio set up. This shows any flaws, specs of dust etc.

Sara being powdered down
This is how you appear on screen and the MUA needs to tweak you to be camera ready. It is normal when live on TV to be constantly tended to. Your fringe might move and create unflattering shadows or your lips dry out and need some salve to youthify them! It’s the side profile bit I'm not so keen on! Still, I wasn’t alone.

In the afternoon we had different MUAs but with the same brief. This was interesting as I got a different look , apart from my hair. I was given a stronger more rock chick look, which, again, I liked very much. When it came to the scrutinisation time again I felt really happy when the head tutor said I had lovely cheekbones! I did feel a bit embarrassed but did my very best to take the compliment. If I hadn’t Sara would have beaten me up any way!

The day ended at 4pm and I have to say that I really enjoyed myself . I have been before when was made up as a 50s glam pin up. Both times have been fun and really informative. Everyone there is so kind and talented and personally I cant wait to go again!!!!!

Have I inspired you to try something you have always wanted to do? Okay, I didn’t walk down a huge catwalk but I did achieve what I wanted to do despite thinking I would be old! I wasn’t!

Chase your dreams otherwise we end up squandering the valuable time we have being human!
Why not share your dreams below or join our Savvy 'n' Sassy private group where we discuss anything but in a safe environment. We'd love to see you join us!
Writing blogs is a long slog and relies on readers and interaction. Please do share this article with all your friends! THANK YOU.

Have a wonderful day,
Janie S xxx
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