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Common Signs of the Perimenopause!

Perimenopause was a word that terrified me. It meant I was getting old, wouldn't have any more children and would fade away into unsexy oblivion! The thing is I didn't want any more children, the two I have are beyond awesome. I don't feel old and my husband still fancies me - so what was the problem?
For a start I did not understand what perimenopause meant! Also because I only feel seventeen inside, I couldn't possibly be old enough to be lurching forward to the menopause! I was too embarrassed to admit it and would find excuses to explain hot flushes etc! What a fool!

I have heard other  friends make excuses or be terrified by a symptom. I realised I was not alone and so have put together a list of the most common perimenopause symptoms. Check through it and reassure yourself…...or....if you want to view the video chat click here and enjoy the chat!

Signs of the perimenopause

1.Changes in your period
They may become lighter or heavier or you may miss the odd one. It is very common to experience super heavy periods which feel grim and can flood. Fear not, this does pass! I had one that was  so awful and painful , like full labour, and I ended up in A and E. Luckily they were so kind and explained that I was having contractions! Many women will be lucky and experience lighter periods so it's not all doom and gloom. You may start to skip the odd or a few periods. You must continue to use contraception as you never know when you will ovulate.

2. Fibroids may worsen
If you have fibroids they may worsen during perimeno’. If you are experiencing this, it is worth visiting your GP as they have various options that could offer you relief.

3.Vagnal Dryness.
Deep Joy! (or maybe not!). The drop in estrogen can result in the walls of the vagina thinning. This can make sex uncomfortable. Luckily buying lube these days is as normal as buying loo roll so you can pop into any chemist, supermarket or high street adult store and choose from myriad varieties. It is also possible to get surgery to thicken the vaginal walls and be as fresh as Lolita! If you would rather order online this company is very reliable and discrete. (I am not linked to them!)

4. Sleep Problems
The bane of my life! I am sick to death of sleepless nights. Disturbed sleep can be caused through night sweats or just the changes in hormones. Tyler Knott Gregson
It is exhausting but there are some things we can try such as having a bedtime routine, giving ourselves plenty of time to fall asleep, sipping chamomile tea before bed, switching off our phones, (easier said than done!), and banning electronic items at least half an hour before bedtime.

5.Mood Changes
Hardly surprising really! We are often exhausted, frustrated and our hormones are doing strange but natural things. Women who have severe PMS will probably have more severe mood swings during perimeno’.

I love this super short poem by Sue Nash (2016) called Give and Take  
"Menopause hits you hard with vigour, and you slap others near who trigger."

6. Forgetfulness
This frightened me at first. I made half hearted jokes about Alzheimer's whilst secretly thinking I had it. Forgetfulness should come as no huge surprise when we are so tired. My most awful forgetful moment was forgetting to collect my son from the airport when he was only 15. (ouch), losing passports and forgetting what I was saying half way through a sentence!

7. Bone Loss
As we age we lose bone mass and this can lead to osteoporosis.

It seems that women are more prone to this than men. We can help ourselves by watching our weight, taking calcium and vitamin D supplements and taking regular exercise to include walking and lifting weights.

8. Hot Flushes
One minute you are comfortable the next a raging inferno is ripping up your torso and you can fell quite faint from the heat. I have a video and blog coming out next Monday talking about how to deal with hot flushes. Check here for updates.

So there you have it  - the most common symptoms of perimenopause. This is not an exhaustive list. Some many women experience more headaches or achy bones.

I hope I have been able to put your mind at ease. You are not over the hill if you are perimenopausal. It is just a natural stage of life. If you ever feel worried about a symptom then absolutely make an appointment to see your GP.

How are you coping with this stage in your life? Have you found any great ways to ease your journey? If you have please do share the love so we women can all help each other.

Look after yourselves,
Janie S xxx


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