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Sorry I have been a little quiet of late. I've had no energy! Seriously! Body has been exhausted and brain full of fog and this time I cant blame the menopause! It's all my own fault to be honest. Before I tell you my Top 5 YT Fitness Vloggers, there needs to be a little context!

In my infinite wisdom I decided to do a crash diet. Now before you gasp and clasp your pearls there's a good reason! I watched a documentary on TV about how crash diets had modernised and were a great way to kickstart weight loss and get super healthy, super quick. Tests showed that people rid themselves of type 2 diabetes etc in just a couple of weeks. Now I don't have any of those issues thankfully, but, I am Mrs Impatient, so I thought it would be a great know, safely kickstart some weight loss and get motivated! Well, let me tell you, I have never felt so awful in my life! The programme recommended meal replacements followed by a gradual introduction to healthy eating. Off I trotted full of enthusiasm to buy some bars, shakes and soups. BTW let me tell you they don't come cheap! 

Day one saw me deliriously optimistic as I began my quest to lose a stone in a fortnight! By bedtime however I had eaten a rather overly sweet bar , a sludgy shake and some "faux chicken" soup. I was also developing a migraine and trembling. The next morning I decided to carry on as planned thinking I could break through this migraine and shaking. I knew I wasn't going to be able to exercise as I could barely do anything, and I am not exaggerating! By this time I also had full blown (!) diarrhoea, which whilst it always sounds funny to others, is excruciating. I felt so bloody hollow that even my quads were weak. Stupidly I carried on. My head was so bad that I had to go to bed. I couldn't sleep because the pain was too much. I wanted to be sick and had to keep rushing to the loo. Honestly, I was an absolute mess. That night I didn't sleep well. 

The next morning, still feeling like a bag of crap, I got on the scales. BINGO! I was 1.4KG lighter.....but I wasn't happy. I hurt, I couldn't think straight, my head pounded and I was still rushing to the loo. By that evening I was sweating and crying and I couldn't go on any more. 
I knew at this stage I didn't want to blow my calories as I do need to drop a few pounds. Hubby grilled me some simple tofu and veg. It was delicious! Within an hour or so my head was clearing and I was starting to feel a little better. Since that fateful day I have been able to eat much better healthier food, and am genuinely enjoying my smaller meals that have great nutritional balance. I also bought myself a handy dandy portion plate. TBH my problem has never been eating unhealthy food its been more about portion control. I was not always the best at recognising when  am full. 
Today I am feeling well enough to return to exercising which is exciting! As a post meno woman I find that exercise helps my brain fog and stops me getting too flabby. I have found since hitting the menopause that it is harder to stay in a healthy weight range. is not impossible! 
So let me share my favourite You Tube Fitness Channels that I use regularly. Why YouTube you may ask? Its free, I like the personalities of the vloggers that come into my living room, I can do the programmes at my convenience and in my own home or when I'm away travelling. Not many people will believe that I did a 5k workout in the dining room of our apartment in Corfu every day when I was there last September, but I did! It was super easy to fit in and it meant I could enjoy some extra holiday treats!

1. Leslie Sansone   hundreds of walking indoors videos with varying distances and levels of effort. Love her vids. You will be surprised how much fun they are and how quickly you can bang out the miles. This gives you a whole body workout.

2. Pahla Bowers  Oh how I love this woman! She is a long distance runner but teaches you how to run indoors using intervals and building up to much more as your fitness increases. She chats away to you as you exercise - it's like exercising with your best friend.
Pahla also has a great podcast which is really inspirational.

3. Lucy Wyndham Read   Quick and very straightforward moves to help tone and trim. Great when you are in a rush or want something effective but quick.

4. Yoga With Adriene  I love yoga but not in a studio next to extraordinary bendy women! Adriene is superb and takes you through various poses to help your mental and physical health. Great for all ages with special section for "seniors"!

5. Cityline  videos straight from a daily US TV programme. I find it a bit loud but very inspiring and I love the lady who does the exercises. 

What exercise do you do to stay fit and healthy over 45? Are you a fan of crash diets? I'd love to know if it has worked for you! Please comment below or joining our private Savvy 'n' Sassy Facebook Group! where you can chat to your hearts content in a safe, private environment.

So there they are! Do you prefer to exercise at home or outdoors for free? I like the gym but it does take up so much time getting there and back etc!
Have you ever tried a crash diet? How did you get on with it? I know for sure I will never be doing it again! I'm sticking to being  sensible with my eating and enjoying my exercise. Onwards and upwards!

Have a great day and remember that invisibility is not an option!
Janie S xxx
Founder Savvy 'n' Sassy - for women who refuse to be invisible


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