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I hope today finds you happy and healthy! There's deep snow here in South West London but I get the impression that its worse "up north". Stay warm and safe y'all!!!

Today I'm writing to you from a rather cluttered office. We are having carpets fitted in the master bedroom so its contents have been distributed around the place including our offices! Its a bit of a squeeze but hey, there's always a solution to obstacles that appear in life! Just put your Savvy 'n' Sassy brain into gear and you're sorted! Speaking of's blog is all about health issues that can appear to be insurmountable after we have hit 50. I've investigated the top 6 problems we face and found solutions for them so that you can lead a healthy, happy and positive life! So, without further ado.........


1. We put up with horrible menopause symptoms.
If men went through the menopause the way women do would they suffer in silence? I think not! I reckon they would be looking for solutions, and if they did, they would find them. You see we don't have to suffer. There are medical, psychological and homeopathic solutions out there. One solution doesn't fit all sizes. Sage helps me but I know plenty of women who get little or no reward from it. Whereas many get relief using HRT. Unfortunately, I cant have it. 

In terms of hot flushes, HRT, Cognitive behavioural Therapy, (CBT) and clinical hypnosis have been very successful in alleviating their frequency and intensity. Medication has also been proved to be helpful with urinary incontinence issues. it is always worth chatting to your GP or nurse for further information and guidance. Also ask your friends what they have tried, it may work for you.

2. We forget that heart disease is a bigger killer in women over 50 than breast cancer
I know! Shocking right? But it is true. Thankfully we are very aware of the breast cancer issue thanks to tireless campaigning and health screening. We now need to work on combatting womens biggest killer. 
Did you know that the average woman has a heart age five years older than her actual chronological age. For example, on average a woman aged 60 has a heart age of 65. I find that scary. A woman who has high blood pressure has a heart age that's around eighteen years older than she is!

Fear not! Whether you are 99 or 50 it is never too late to reverse the situation. Start doing more exercise than you did before, eat smarter, maintain a healthy weight or lose some pounds if needed and give up smoking. These small changes will always reap rewards. If you are not sure how to go about this or need help with diet or giving up smoking etc. speak with your GP or Nurse as there are several schemes out there to help you.

3. We think our sex lives are over
Not surprisingly really when you feel like a dried up old bag! Imagining yourself as Granny Dried Up hardly makes you feel sexy does it? Well there is good news yet again! In terms of dryness and soreness lube is available ! I've even seen in it in the supermarket. Imagine the fun you can have when the lube goes through the hands of the young check out operator along with the carrots and peas.! Just wink at them and skip out of the supermarket.
That'll get them thinking! Sex is not the preserve of the young and its about time they knew it!
If you don't feel like popping into Waitrose for your lube there are plenty of retail outlets online. Be adventurous and get a variety of flavours! It is also possible to get oestrogen pessaries on prescription. Ask your GP for more information.
It's worth concentrating on this area of your life as it has such positive benefits for your body, mind and spirit. As we age, sex can be far more enjoyable. "Accidents" don't equal another baby and hopefully we have less financial woes so are less stressed so we can get on and let go!

4. We believe that weight gain is inevitable.

Lets be fair here. I have noticed that staying slim is a much bigger fight than it used to be. There is no doubt about it. There is also a shape shift that seems to happen. The shape shifting is due to oestrogen changes however, the weight gain is an age thing rather than a menopause one. There is no denying that our energy expenditure drops as we get older. The solution is that we need to work out that little bit more to compensate. Try exercising at a moderate level for at least 150 minutes a week. As you get fitter you can increase this time or keep the same but work harder. If we combine moving more with eating smarter, that is, eating more fruit, veggies and lean protein, instead of what I call lab made food that does nothing positive for you at all, then you will be able to maintain your weight. 

5. We lose our sense of purpose
pur] pose - n. reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

I have to be honest here. I really have had moments when I don't have a clue why I am on earth. That's the honest truth. My children have left home, I frequently feel achy and sad and struggle to get up at times. I have had to address this. I thank dear friends for helping me find my purpose in life. If you feel the same let me reassure we all have a purpose. My children have left home but they still do need me and would be heartbroken if I wasn't here any more as would my darling husband be. My friends need me as I need them. We are a great support network and have a lot of fun together. As women over 50 we have skills we can share. We have passions. These are the very things that give every day a sense of purpose. If you have lost yours please talk to your friends, partner or children....they will soon help you refocus on what matters and why you get up every day. 
I have found that learning new things and challenging myself is really giving me purpose as is writing this blog for you. I would love to change the world and if I can I will! In the meantime I am concentrating on what I can do every day as the small thing matter to you and the others you touch.
When we have purpose we have structure. Having this in our lives can reduce our risk of Alzheimer's by 30%.

6. We skip health screenings
Okay, so there are more things to get screenings for as we age. But the fact that we can have them gives us a better survival rate then ever should something be found.
I was quite nervous about my first breast screening appointment. But actually it wasn't embarrassing and the nurses were great comedians! I cant pretend it wasn't uncomfortable but it lasts a minute or so and like I say its discomfort not excruciating pain! Its worth it to save your life. Cervical screenings are also also essential. To find out more  click here 
Make sure you get your blood pressure checked along with cholesterol and an STD check if you are starting a new relationship. To read bout the huge rise in STDs in older women click here

As you know I am not a Doctor. Please always check withy our GP as they know you and your medical history before trying any meds, homeopathy or exercise regime.

Remember to look after yourself and live life to the full!
Always "refuse to be invisible"
Janie S xxx


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