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Shocking rise in sexually transmitted diseases in the over 50s!
What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

Don't be blasé!
Over the last couple of decades, the medical profession has aimed their STD awareness campaigns at young people aged 16 to 25. Overall it has been successful, however, in many ways it has backfired. By constantly targeting the young there has been a dramatic rise in STDs diagnosed within the 50 to 90 age group. Should we be surprised? Probably not!

Staggeringly, it’s not just the easier to treat STDs that are rising such as chlamydia diagnosis which has increased by 75% in the last ten years. Frighteningly the incidence of those over 50 seeking treatment for HIV has increased by 82% since the beginning of the 21st century. This phenomenon has been ongoing for several years now and doesn’t look likely to stop unless we address the issue ourselves!   

Why the rise?

Well, there are many reasons that can be, largely, put  down to medical and cultural changes that the new over 50s and above are experiencing.

Divorce is no longer taboo in most cultures. Increasingly we are not prepared to live in a miserable relationship once the children are older. This means there are a heck of a lot of new singles on the market who want a sexual relationship and might even for the first time in a lot of years be experimenting with several partners. And why not. The over 50s are having more casual sex than ever before. Now that is great, but with this comes risks that must be addressed whether one is 20 or 65!

Research shows that men over 50 seem to have a scary lack of understanding when it comes to using condoms! 70% of men from this group do not think to use a condom when having sex with a partner they have recently met. Women don’t do much better to be honest! Of women researched aged between 58 and 93, 50% did not use a condom with a new partner.
These findings had me completely confused! When participants were asked why they were taking risks  the general response was that they hadn’t had to think about contraception and safe sex for so long it just isn’t in their minds anymore! Let me tell you that this lack of awareness is dangerous.

Another reason for not using contraception and practising safe sex is “I’m post-menopausal so I can’t get pregnant”! No shit Sherlock, but you can still get hideous STDS! PUT A BLOODY CONDOM ON IT! Until you have both been tested and have the paperwork, you need to make it very clear that the old bare back riding aint going to happen! NO PAPERWORK, NO NAKED WILLIES!

It might be that your man, assuming your partner is male, is not keen to fiddle about with a condom because he might get an attack of droopy willy. In all fairness, there is some medical truth here. Condoms restrict blood flow which will only exacerbate floppy willy syndrome. Get him down to his GP to get a script for Viagra. If he won’t do that then you have options – no sex, female condom or speak to your GP about a different barrier method.

If your partner is a woman, don’t think you are exempt from catching STDs. You can get them. Penetrative sex is not a precondition!

All people who are sexually active whether straight, gay or bisexual or unlabelled should never share sex toys (eugh!)) Always keep them scrupulously clean and if in doubt pop a condom on any penetrative toys.

So, I have banged on, pardon the pun, about getting tested and paperwork to stay safe, how do you go about getting it done?

It’s easy, visit your GP or local sexual health clinic. Many peeps prefer the clinic as it is more anonymous. Let me tell you however there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about… are looking after your precious body. It is actually possible these days to get tests that can be done in the privacy of your own home. Chlamydia should be the absolute essential test if you do nothing else. It is so common and nearly always symptomless! All it takes is a quick urine test! If you or your partner test positive, there is treatment! To find out more about the most common STDs, symptoms and treatment watch the companion slide show I have created!

As strong women, over 50 and beyond we always talk about how nothing fazes us anymore. So, take the bull by the horn(s) and be open with any new partner about your expectations re their sexual health. Ask them for proof that they are clean. Share that you have been tested. You are strong wise women, so don’t go all shy and coy about your sexuality. Your life depends upon it!

For information to find your local clinic click here
To read more about common STDs, symptoms and treatments click here.
Please can I ask you to share this article on your social media? It is so important yet people barely speak about their sexual health. Perhaps the shy will read this and act!
Have a fantastic day,
Janie S xxx


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