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PUT SOME ATTITUDE IN YOUR GRATITUDE! Why being grateful is a lesson worth learning!


I hope today’s blog finds you happy, healthy and focussing on the positive. Today I am writing about putting back gratitude into your attitude! A lesson I learned last week!

Grat -i-tude (noun) - being thankful, an expression of thanks. indebtedness, grateful, thanks, appreciation, recognition, acknowledgement, credit.

Time passes, days pass, some far too quickly, some drag. All are just days. Or are they? There are some periods of 24 hours in the year that we give special names to …. Christmas Day, Yom Kippur, Diwali, Eid al- Fitr amongst many others and we celebrate these times with gusto. Think about all the effort we put into arranging and enjoying these days. I love celebration days, so why this year did I have so much trouble with another of those specially named days…. My Birthday?

I guess it hadn’t helped that the week had been very emotional, albeit with a positive outcome eventually. It didn’t help that I was exhausted. It didn’t help that I had hit 55 and could only see myself careering towards 60!

I was so miserable that I even posted on social media that Birthdays should be banned! What on earth was wrong with me?
Artist: Tom McGrath.

Thankfully, my many friends shook me up to say the least! Yes, they sent me lovely birthday wishes but they did something better than that, they reminded me how lucky I was to have a birthday as many of our friends and family are no longer with us. It got me thinking.

My birthday had to be a celebration. I was alive, a gift not afforded to so many I have known and loved. I had reached 55 fit and healthy, yet another amazing gift. I am loved and people wanted to wish me the best on that day. What I realised as I sat and thought about the truths my friends were telling me is that I should be grateful! I needed to put some gratitude into my attitude! For years I have practised being thankful at the end of each day for my life, family, friends and little things that may have made it all even better that day. Somehow my dire mood and fear of age got to me that day. I couldn’t see that even in negatives or perceived negatives there is always something to show gratitude for.

My beautiful husband helped me out too. We decided that as I was so tired we would celebrate at the weekend. We went to a local cafĂ© for brunch and had a huge cooked breakfast, that is something I never do on a day to day basis. It was delicious. We went to the Museum of London because I love social history and geography.(More here). In the evening he told me to dress up as we were going out. He refused to tell me where as it was a surprise he had planned! I tried to find out but couldn’t. I thought about new vegan restaurants, the theatre etc. It wasn’t until, the announcer on the tube announce that the next stop was Bayswater that I realised we were going London's fab area for Greek food! Anyone who knows me will get my deep love of all things Greek. As we entered the restaurant I spotted a rather romantic table for two.
I began walking towards it. Rob, walked in a different direction. Turning around to follow him I spotted two darling friends sat at a table for 4! I cant tell you how excited I was! It was an amazing way to celebrate that I am alive, loved and liked!

To my beautiful husband, family and friends you have reminded me to practise gratitude. To you I say a huge THANK YOU and want you to know that I am eternally grateful.
Gratitude brings happiness. Gratitude stops you focussing on failure and negativity. Take my advice, practise GRATITUDE. Its bloody brilliant!
Do you practise gratitude? If not, why not say "thank you" each night before you sleep for three things from your day. It may not all be positive, for example, my granddaughter went into hospital. That made me sad but I was grateful we have amazing Doctors and Nurses who could make her better. See what I mean? It's not just about the obviously great stuff. Sometimes you need to look to find.....just like I had to over being 55!
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Have a wonderful day full of gratitude!
Janie S xxx


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