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I hope today you are well and happy! Today we are looking at how we can truly embrace mid-life! To find out more, read on!

Here are 10 no messing hot tips to make sure you embrace mid - life and way beyond!

1. Don't think of menopause as an illness!
It's normal and natural. Women go through the menopause...simple! Viewing the menopause as a positive stage of our lives can make the whole experience far easier. 
If you think about the fact that we aren't losing anything - well apart from periods and boy!, in my humble opinion that can only be a good thing, we are in act being freed from the monthly drudgery and all it entails!
Many non -western cultures see the menopause as a very positive state of a woman's life, and they report far less menopausal symptoms than western women! Take note!!!

2. Find a passion - get interested!
Frequently as we go through this transitional period in life our daily life changes too. If we have children they have left home or are getting read to, we may have elderly parents who are unwell, we may decide to retire early. All of this can leave us feeling a little wobbly!

Finding a passion in life can be truly fun therapy. Have a think about the things you loved but have been too busy to do until  now. Start dancing, join a camera club, go to  night school! I have rekindled my interest in photography, running and jewellery making recently plus of course I have started blogging and writing!

3 Make the most of every opportunity whatever our age!
I went through a good few months of feeling completely lost wondering what my purpose was now my children had their own independent lives. I felt like I had lost so much. Then I realised that I have been through many phases during my life, child, teen, twenty something, allegedly grown up adult, and that midlife and beyond is just another phase with lots of adventures ahead! I now take every opportunity I can! Once I had a days notice to go to LA and I dropped everything and went. I love travelling at every chance I get. I have developed a love of the theatre and will try seeing anything once! There are so many things to do in life and we can do it as adults and child free! What's not to love?

4. Embrace technology and keep bang up to date!
I looove technology ad all it can bring. I have even studied the anthropology of social media which is fascinating! Honestly it is!
Don't be a Luddite. Not using technology in today's world is like saying you can't read. Be a proud cyber senior or midcyberlifer! 
If you don't keep up to date you will eventually become very isolated  and that is not living life positively.

5. Don't be scared to discuss how you feel!
The menopause can bring with it physical and emotional changes and this is nothing to be scared of, it's normal. Others around you may not be aware of what the menopause involves. Tell your partner, they wont be horrified, if anything they will be relieved to know that you still love them and didn't mean to fly off the handle at them yesterday. My husband has been amazing. He now understands I'm not crazy,( well that's a moot point), and he has rigged up a remote control fan for me. Ohhh I love him x
We talk about puberty so why not menopause?
Share how you feel with your friends, trust me they are quite relieved to be able to say how they feel too. Camaraderie is great and incredibly supportive!
Why not join our secret group where can you discuss anything in confidence with other women! Join here! It's free!!!

6. Don't suffer in silence
Take control of your body and mind and if you are finding that your symptoms are having an effect on daily life.
Don't think you are too young for the perimenopause - you aren't. It can  start at any time. Is not a bad thing. Its normal.
To find out more about getting help with hot flushes you can watch this tutorial.
Get yourself a good lube. High Street stores carry a wide range and Anne Summers has some great fun ones too. 
If you are struggling with urinary incontinence try pelvic floor exercises. Did you know that a strong pelvic floor also equals better orgasms! Win Win!

7. Eat a great natural diet!
Soya and flax seeds are great friends of us women who are midlifers and beyond. Both are rich in phytoestrogens and can be fab for hot flushes. Eat lots of yummy veg and avoid added sugars as they can cause mood crashes. 

Try and mix your alcohol with soft drinks as alcohol reduces calcium absorption, This can lead to fragile bones and osteoporosis. 
Enjoy nuts, avocado and healthy oils. We need to keep our skin in good condition  and keep our joints well oiled..

3.Exercise every day!
I run 5K every day and stretch and walk. Too much for you? well start small. One thing that is certain is that exercising every day is the best way to stay fit and in shape as we age. Maybe try a walk or cycle. Perhaps you like dancing or yoga. Whatever floats your boat...get your body moving. They were designed to move.
Our metabolism slows down with ageing so we need to boost it in less we cut right back on our food. If you still eat the same and don't move you will quickly gain weight.
You will also get stiff if you don't exercise which means you cant enjoy life to the full.
Get your posterior off the sofa and mooooooove!

9. Have fun and be silly!
Ignore the age police. You know them those bitter women who delight in pulling you down for enjoying life, laughing and being plain silly at times.

They are bitter because they have forgotten how to live! I feel sorry for them. I find love life and laughter really cathartic. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks, enjoy living on your terms.
you are never too old!!!

10. Dress how you please!
Again the miserable age police will tell you that some outfit or hairstyle is not appropriate for a woman of your age. Tell them to crawl back into their miserable cave whilst you rock your own style and refusing to be invisible!
We are not sheeple we are savvy n sassy women!

Have the time of your life!
Janie S xxx


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