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Welcome to part one of the "SLEEPING BEAUTY" mini series at Savvy 'n Sassy !

Our beauty routines often involve expensive layer after layer of creams and serums and whilst these help, there are natural bodily functions that can help us even more than your sixty quid serum. The function I am talking about is SLEEP!

As we sleep our body repairs itself which in turn brings us amazing health and beauty benefits! Michael Breuss, PHD suggests that if we get less than six hours it is probably affecting our looks. The critical amount of sleep that we need is 7 to 9 hours! (I wish!). If we could just get an extra 1 to 3 hours of shut eye, Breuss (1) says that we will notice the difference in a day! I dream of getting even 5 hours of sleep a night. Anyone who knows me knows that I am always struggling with dark under eye circles due to lack of sleep. I would love them to diminish!

So, what are the beauty benefits of getting more sleep?

*A healthier, fuller head of hair.
When we are short on Zzzzzzzz's our blood circulation slows down. Our hair follicles need vitamins and other essential nutrients from blood flow. It is at the follicle where our hair grows. Lack of sleep can also exacerbate other hair issues such as hair loss, breakage and growth!

* Bright eyes.
As I said, I constantly struggle with dark under eyes due to lack of sleep. Those dark circles and puffiness are often the first sign showing we have had a lack of Zzzzzzzz's. As we discussed, our blood circulation slows when we don't sleep enough. It can collect under our eyes. As the skin is very thin in this area, the collection shows as darkness!   We can help with this by staying properly hydrated and elevating our heads when we sleep.
To find out more about concealing click here for the video tutorial.

* Fewer wrinkles.

Sounds good!!!! If only I could just get that extra hour!
We know our skin repairs during the sleep cycle. Collagen renewal is part of this. Collagen prevents sagging. More collagen equals plumper skin which is far less likely to wrinkle.

* Happier healthier appearance.
When we are tired quite frankly we look tired. This is because we tend to stand less straight as we conserve energy and dream about snuggly duvets, but also because not enough of the old sleep stuff can make our mouths droop making us look sad and miserable. (We probably are miserable though because we are so damned tired!)

* A glowing complexion.
Cheating those sleeping hours can result in an ashen, lifeless complexion. Have you ever noticed that however much makeup we put on we cant hide that look?  Again this is down to blood flow. When our blood flows properly we get glowing skin....simples.....apparently!

So, that is part one. Tomorrow we will be looking at HOW SLEEP CHANGES THROUGHOUT OUR LIVES.
By the end of the week we will have a mental toolbox of how to get some flipping sleep and will all be swanning around like new people!
Please do comment below about your experience with sleep. Don't forget to visit the website for lots more!!!!!

Sleep the best you can tonight.
Janie S xxx

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