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Savvy Blogmas!

Day 5
So, we are starting or certainly planning to indulge ourselves and  are probably already overeating and over drinking! Today is all about sparing a thought  for those far less fortunate than ourselves. Outside of our comfortable bubble is another world, a bleak world where people are frightened, hungry and lonely.Why not make today the day you do something for  them.......

You could;
* pop to your local food bank, homeless or women's shelter and drop in something nice for them to enjoy this Christmas? If you are taking food make sure its non perishable and in date.
* make comfort packs up which include wet wipes, new underwear, comb, dry shampoo, lip balm, sanitary protection...... Whatever you can manage will be gratefully received.
* If you are having a clear out before Christmas you could take coats etc. to a local shelter. 
* reserve a place for a homeless single person at Crisis.

I have several links for you today to make the job easier!
Womens Aid - includes directories and much more
Food Bank Help - run by the Trussell Trust. Great easy to use website
Make a comfort pack - how to make comfort packs 
Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal - a wonderful organisation helping children

Crisis at Christmas - a fantastic organisation for single homeless people

Christmas is about love and giving. Whether people donate for selfless or altruistic reasons, the recipients will be incredibly grateful.
Do you have a favourite cause that you donate to? Share in the comments section below.

Enjoy your day to the full,
Janie S xxx


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Janie S xxx
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